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West Haraz Coffee


Yemen is the home of the coffee and has been producing coffee for over 500 years.Yemeni coffee has an interesting profile with unusual flavours that give a special coffee experience.

The coffee in Yemen is grown on the mountain side terraces which is not easy. However, this process leads to natural coffee beans which are harvested and dried with great care and attention. The result, delicious, tasty coffee.

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This coffee grows on the mountain side terraces of West Haraz.
Region: West Haraz Sanaa

Chocolate , sweet, floral, creamy and smooth

Score : 86%
Variety : Jadi
Elevation : 1700- 2000m
Process : Fully natural

Hulling & Process : In modern hulling machine,
hand cleaned by women


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250GM, 500GM, 1KG

Type of Coffee

Beans, Ground


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